What people say?

Suné Rheeder (Senior Specialist HR and Training)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm Raché showed. I absolutely appreciated how you accommodated everyone. There was a great balance maintained. Loved the storytelling. This is one of those workshops I wished I had done a lot earlier in my life. I’m so glad I came!”

Ursula Jacobs  (Commercial Real Estate):

“I would like to thank Raché for one of the best courses I ever attended in my life. I believe that this was a life changing course for all of us.”

Estari Nel (Owner, Tina Cowley Reading Center)

This course was a life-changing experience! I can’t wait to begin – this new knowledge is going to make an enormous difference in my life and all my relationships. Wow – the presentation by Raché was excellent – a true inspiration, thanks!”

John Little  (Managing partner -The Observatory International SA)

“A deeply thought provoking experience brilliantly delivered.”

Cristina Moura (Portugal):

“I loved the way the training was conducted – whole brain. I feel I am now more confident and learned a lot. You are a very clear speaker but you’re also funny and expressive.”

Kwena Mantsho (Samancor – mining company):

“Awesome interaction and training! I have learnt a lot, especially about unleashing my creative power, being a whole brain thinker and a good listener (I think my wife will be pleased!) Thanks for the priceless information and it will be spread to the world!”

Sonja Jacobs (Training Consultant):

“Fantastic workshop. This is great stuff. Anybody who hasn’t done it, is really missing a big part of life!”

Dr Cynthia Rolfe (USA):

“Raché your energy never waned, your smile always engaged. You included (clearly!) exercises that appealed to all of us. Your lovely presence, professionalism, informative way made the class interesting, fun, and ‘easy’.”


Chris Kennedy (Manager – Volkswagen):

“I must honestly state that in my 20 years at VWSA I cannot remember ever having experienced such excellent and relevant content, simply yet brilliantly presented.”

Sara Keller (USA):

“Fabulous! This course is incredibly inspiring and it was a pleasure to get to do it once again. As a tool there are so many layers and the potential is astounding as our minds all race with possibilities. Raché you are a wonderful teacher and it was a pleasure to see you again (and in such a locale!). I can’t wait to get back to the States and dig in with all the new layers and pieces we’ve uncovered. Thank you!”

Melien Rossouw (Head recruitment – Tswane University of Technology):

“The workshop was amazing!”