Some of my publications…

  • Am I Clever Or Am I Stupid?
  • Creativity Uncovered
  • Creative People Can Perform Miracles
  • Very Smart Parents
  • Like Jesus / Soos Jesus
  • Talk To Your Food
  • The Life Changing Diary / Die Omkeer Dagboek
  • Taking you Beyond / Van gewoon na Uitsonderlik


The following are available right now:



Am I Clever or Am I Stupid


This book will:

  • expand your thinking and doing possibilities
  • awaken your creativity potential
  • improve your whole brain skills
  • unlock the magic of your 8 dimensional mind
  • make you see opportunities where others see only problems

Am I Clever or Am I Stupid is practical and hands-on…It is applied creativity at its very best. This book addresses the myths and outright nonsense about ‘clever and stupid’ that have been around for a very long time. It helps you to rediscover your unique ‘cleverness’ and to regain a special kind of confidence.

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Very Smart Parents


Very Smart Parents is the only book that assists parents to ultimately develop the Whole Brain of their children. Guide your child towards whole brain development as a baby, a toddler, when starting school and right through those difficult teenage years. Learn how to become a co-creator of your child’s future. Discover ways to inspire passion and vision in your child. Smart parents create children that are future smart! 


Price: ZAR 149,00 ($15) – excluding postage

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Creativity Uncovered


This is probably the most comprehensive book you will ever read on creativity. Whether you are in the business of marketing, production, training, learning, motivating, parenting, finance, customer service – in short, just being YOU – creative thinking will give you the edge. This book is for young and old, for the successful and for those who will discover how to become successful. Creativity Uncovered explains the connection between creativity and visualization, intuition, courage, humor and passion. It offers exciting ways to deal with today while shaking hands with tomorrow.


Price: ZAR 149,00 ($15) – excluding postage

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The Life Changing Diary


Use this Diary for 29 days and get rid of any bad habit. Take a stance against all the habits that have made you unhappy and miserable. This 29 day program is not only about making short term changes, but about anchoring your new good habit and sustaining positive thoughts. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly think and do. Excellence is then not an act, but a habit.”



Price: ZAR 30,00 ($3) – excluding postage

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Taking You Beyond


This book will help you shift perspectives. It will teach you how to develop your own potential to be more effective. It will motivate you to think positively and creatively when approaching daily challenges.

The book provides all the tools you will need in 200 bite-sized pieces. It will only take you five minutes to work through a “bite” on every working day. After 40 weeks you will be passionate again about that which earns you an income. The language used is easy to absorb and thought-provoking. The content will not overload your brain and will definitely not be forgotten within a short period of time. Added bonus – video clips with many of the pieces.


Price: ZAR 200,00 ($25) – excluding postage

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Soos Jesus


Jesus het in sy lewe op aarde ’n unieke manier van menswees geopenbaar, die X-faktor wat tot ’n spesiale manier van doen gelei het. Hy was ’n uitnemende motiveerder met ’n fokus op kreatiewe oplossings. Soos Jesus is jou kompas wat vir jou die rigting kan aandui waar jy jou weg in die 21ste eeu moet vind.

In Soos Jesus ondersoek die skrywers Jesus se denkprosesse en sy hantering van gevoelens soos dit uit sy optrede en lering in die Evangelies blyk. Hy gebruik intuïsie, vergelykings en “buite die boks” denke om sy boodskap tuis te bring en toon gevoelens soos empatie, nederigheid, vergifnis en passie en gee ook die opdrag dat ons intelligente liefde moet hê vir ons naaste, ons vriende, ons vyande – en onsself.


ZAR 150,OO ($15)

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