Let me help you stretch your mind!

Amy Basic (Public speaker, trainer – USA):

“You are an awesome trainer! You engaged us, made us laugh and learn. This is a great example of what a well designed training course and an excellent trainer ought to be.”

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I have appeared on several radio and television programs, including the award-winning TV game show, Out of the Box to share my bit on creativity!

I have been involved in several International Creativity Conferences as a keynote speaker and presenter. My work involves the development, design, and presentation of creativity programs for numerous organizations in South Africa, including Anglo Platinum, Volkswagen, BMW, Telkom, Barlow World, Sasol, Alexander Forbes, Samancor, various retail groups, Department of Water Affairs, schools and tertiary institutions.

I have also presented workshops on creativity in several countries apart from South Africa, including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Sudan, France and Namibia.

I have authored and co-authored over 50 books. See publications for a few bestsellers.